Behind the Scenes, Behind the Camera

My internship is working for Total Production Services that produces most of the sporting events on campus including, baseball, softball, basketball (Men’s and Women’s), volleyball, and soccer.  At my internship, I get to do the “behind the scenes” stuff of a sporting event that you see on TV.  Things like running cameras, working with on-air talents, making sure the lighting is right for the cameras and just being there to help wherever I am needed.

I am learning how to work in semi-stressful situations.  I am learning how to act quick on my feet and solve problems when I don’t know how. I am learning how to focus on my job and only my job and not worry about what everyone else’s job is.  Some advice that I have for other students is to take the time to learn from what you are doing.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  That’s when you can learn the most.  I love what I do, and I always thought that I wanted to work in front of the camera but this has shown me that I LOVE being behind the scenes and working “behind the camera” literally and figuratively.

Story by Ashlee Smith

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